Wednesday, April 28, 2010

22 is nice number!!

it was such a great day 4 me..
im 22 today!!
big enough??hahaha~~
thnks ALLAH cz allowed me to live in thiz worl til now..
n my dearie ummi , 4 taking care of me..

credit to my besties 4 da suprised party!
i realy appreciate it..i like the thousand island, but im quite sleepy so tht i cant eat it much..huhu...=)
n thnks again 2 pupils who remember my bfday..
it means tht im important in ur life!hahhaha~~~=P

as ussualy, having a seminar is horrible 4 me..
integriti ape kejadah nth...x layan..just tdo je during the event...hahaha...
but da 3rd speaker is very attractive!!i like!!
wish 2 be like him in da future!!haahhahaa~~~=)

hrmmm, miz my home badly..
my ummi, sibling, and also wafiy dearie...
ble la my nephew ni nk bsar???
cant wait 2 c him walking n running....huhu...=]
putrajaya, here i come!!

**alamanda in list....=P***