Friday, January 22, 2010

love that we can't buy..


i used to cl my mum as ummi~~
evryone hve their own mum in diz world,so do i...
mum is da one who take care of us since we born to da world no matter what..
she's da one who give birth..
she's da one who feed me..
she's da one who combed my hair..
she's da one who hold me tight when im scared..
she's da one who stay up all night when im sick..
n she's evrythng to me....
but she nver ask 4 gift, reward or anythng!!
she did all those things sincerely n truly from her heart...
i dun thnk anyone cn do da sme thngs like what mum hve done..
oh my! i cant live without her..
n who ever i now is because of of her...
i do luv my ummi whole hearted~~~
noone cn replace her in my life...
im wondering n thnking bout her now...
what is she doing at home rite now??
cooking?sewing??washing?? or mybe sleeping?
what is in her mind now??
i hope tht im always in her thought....
miz her voice, miz her cook, miz her hand, miz her touch, miz her hug..
i miz evrythng bout her~~~
im vry hepy 2 have a mum like u..
thnnks ummi 4 bring me up till now...(22 years already)

~~i really miz her n i wanna be like her one day~~

~zawiah binti muhamad = queen of my heart~

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tak Mungkin Kerana Sayang by Alyah

Setiba di persimpangan,
Langkah kita tak lagi sehaluan
Bermula di saat itu
Tidak senada irama dan lagu

Begitu hidup ini
Tiada yang abadi
Yang patah tumbuh
Yang hilang berganti

Kau telah jauh, jauh dariku
Tiada ruang di hati buatmu
Namun harusku akui
Ada ketika di minda kau menjelma kembali

Sekali segala ada
Ada rindu yang datang tiba2
Tak mungkin kerana sayang
Cuma terganggu oleh perasaan

Begitu hidup ini
Tiada yang abadi
Yang patah tumbuh
Yang hilang berganti

Saturday, January 9, 2010

...happy saturday...

thums up 4 avatar!!such a great movie..
pretty cool~~i like it so0o much!!
n 4 da 1st evr in my life,gsc had make a mistake..
they previewed a wrong movie...
ju-0n : white ghost and black ghost.....
how come??huhu~~~nothng is imposble,rite???hahahha~~
well, it was such a wondrful story 4 me...
im gonna miz jake and ney'tili...huhuhuhu...=P

hrmmm..chinese new year is coming..cant wait 2 going home...
miz fmly so0o much~~but stdy is mre importnt,rite??
sddenly wndering bout my cute nephew...huuuuu...
realy2 miz him...u must grow faster cz i wanna c u walking n running around da tok umi's house~~hahaha~~

Thursday, January 7, 2010

da beginning of 5th semester...

5th semeseter is juz begin bout 3days~~~
linear algebra, teaching numbers, fractions, decimals n percentages, english for language teacher and budaya & pembelajaran...i've 2 stress more on linear algebra..quite tough 4 da diz sem..
n da worst part is pratikum...sigh....going 2 school 2 teach kids 4 a month???
smethng tht realy out of my mind~~~huuuuu~~~
im not ready yet..sigh again~~~
btw,be strong!!n trust urself~~~

stil da same room, sme roomate <aida> , sme bed,sme chair, and da sme desk..quite boring, rite???wonder when will my cmpus chnge??hahaha~~